KTM reveal the new 1290 Super Duke R at EICMA

The long-anticipated 2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R super naked broke cover at Eicma, promising more power and less weight, thanks to a new chassis. 

Nicknamed 'The Beast', the big 1290 R has been given an all-new trellis frame design, complete with wider tubes and thinner walls, to help save 2kg. The new bike uses a cast aluminium subframe, and the single-sided swingarm is now longer and pivots 5mm higher for better traction.

Alongside better traction, KTM also claim the new machine has three times the torsional rigidity of the 2019 version, thanks to using the engine as a stressed member.

Suspension is provided by WP's latest 'Apex' kit and bringing you to a stop are Brembo’s powerful Stylema front calipers. This is aided further by Bridgestone’s latest S22 tyres, which now also feature a fatter 200-section rear.

Alongside the weight-shedding and updated ancillaries, KTM have also given the thumping 1301cc V-twin some tweaks, with a new ram-air system running through the split LED headlight feeding a redesigned airbox.

Thinner engine cases have also saved 800g and the new exhaust holds two catalytic converters for Euro5 compliance. Power is also up from 174bhp to 177bhp, yet torque is down from 104 to 103ftlb.

KTM's claimed 189kg dry weight is 6kg lighter than last year, however the fuel tank has been sacrificed, down from 18 to 16 litres. We would expect a kerb weight of around 205-210kg.

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