BBCC - The Bahrain Butt Collection Challenge

During these days of quarantine and stayhome (most of the time) lots of sports challenges were born by various sporty people to strengthen immune systems and step into a healthier life style, but what about the environment?

Pollution of the environment and production of waste does not stop during quarantine, during these times. It most likely becomes even more due to the fact of single-use items like the masks, gloves, and the heavily increased food delivery and various other reasons, like convenience or laziness.

When ordering food it comes usually with single use cutlery, even though every household/office in Bahrain has cutlery available. So, why it still gets delivered? Why customers do not reject it? It is a waste of money and another unnecessary single use waste, which ends up in the almost full landfill in Aksar.

So what to do?

Health improvement and helping the environment together is the key.

Environment protector and sportsmen Kai Miethig started on 29th March 2020 the BBCC-Bahrain Butt Collection Challenge, in which everyone can easily participate on individual basis.

People just need a pair of reusable gloves and some empty bottles to collect and count the butts. It is exercise and environmental activity together, so good for body and soul, health and environment.

When Kai Miethig cycled on 28th March, 2020, along the King Faisal Corniche towards Bahrain Financial Harbor he saw a vast amount of cigarette butts thrown on the sandy area between the Corniche Road and the King Faisal Highway.

“That must be changed”, flashed in his mind.

Cigarette butts are toxic time bombs with high concentration of toxic remains and chemicals from smoking and the filter are made from plastic fibres, which will never decompose, hence a threat to the environment and nature as birds might pick them to feed their baby chicks.

An estimated 4.5 trillion (4.500.000.000.000) cigarette butts are thrown away every year worldwide, they are the most common form of litter in the world and constitutes an estimated 30% of the total litter on shorelines.

With the BBCC that threat can be removed at least in Bahrain from the environment and same time exercise is done as collecting a butt means doing a squad down or doing a duck walk to the next butt, so your butt gets shaped by colleting butts – two in one!

On Sunday, 29th March, 2020, Kai Miethig collected in total of four bottles full of butts, which counted to 800 butts within 1 hour, cleaning 50m of the corniche sandbank area and loosing 1 kg of bodyweight.

So what else you want? Exercise and environmental protection goes easy along together!

Join now the BBCC-Bahrain Butt Collection Challenge and get your gloves and bottles ready for action. It can be done anytime and anywhere in compliance with the current regulations and restrictions.

Once done post all info (location, number of butts and bottles, timings), pic(s) or clip(s) via Instagram and tag @kaimiethig as well using the hashtag #BBCC-BahrainButtCollectionChallenge

The environment needs protection, do your part and support BBCC ... NOW!

All you need - a pair of gloves and some empty bottles

If you go by bike - easy to pack all you need together

It looks like this everywhere at King Faisal Corniche Sandbank

Collection done.....1 hr....800 butts....4 bottles

50m cleaned and still 400m more to go.....

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