Graphology: An amalgam of art and science

Have you ever noticed that our handwritings look different from time to time? When we start to write, we alter our shapes and sizes of letters according to our convenience. 

The reason is that our personalities also change following our ages. Handwriting is a diagrammatic representation of your psyche, which is as unique as your DNA.

Graphology means analysing the nature of a person through his writing. It implies the principle that every individual's script is unique, and it is entirely on the writer's discretion.

When you get familiar with a person's handwriting, it remains in your brain like a photograph, and you can recognise it at any point in time. Graphology brings out the hidden behaviour in many, which they may not consult with you.

Graphology is a mixture of art and science. It is a science because it measures the slants, angles, and spacing accurately. The way we dot our I's and curve our w's to the way we cross our t's can be a pointer to our personality trait. It is an art because of the flows and the structure of writing as a whole. Every writing stroke exhibits the personality in you.

Now, if we look into the history of graphology, it was in 3000BC Sumerian merchants recorded their transactions for the first time.

In 1622, an Italian doctor Camillo Baldi wrote a book titled: “How to judge the nature and character of a person from his letter." Dr.Ludwig Kiages, a well-known German philosopher, is known as the father of modern graphology.

When we discuss the benefits part, graphology helps in checking out the criminals and their state of mind.

One's handwriting is an unaware subconscious activity. The stress, mood swings also discrepancies may reflect in the person's writing. A graphologist can easily measure such changes and can assist in the investigation process.

Another benefit of a graphologist is in the selection of the right candidate to the right company. It also helps in corporate training, personality profiling, even in historical profiling.

Moving on to limitations part, a graphologist cannot predict certain things like: future of a person, nationality, religion , caste or creed, whether the person is right-handed or left-handed.        

                                          "HANDWRITING IS BRAIN WRITING"


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