Ramadan during Covid-19 times - no gatherings, no tents, no buffets = less food waste

Ramadan Kareem during Covid-19.

This year the first time ever I can imagine and since living in the Middle East from 2005 onwards no Ramadan tents, no Ramadan buffets and no Ramadan gatherings.

Is it good or is it bad? 

BD250.000.000 is wasted by food thrown annually

This year the food waste will be dramatically reduced as all of the wasted food from the buffets and fully filled plates, but only half-eaten, will not happen this year.

The average amount of food waste in Bahrain is approximately 400.000.000 grams per day ... 400.000 kilos per day ... 400 tons per day....what a waste of resources, energy and effort to plant, harvest, prepare and cook it with 25-30% to be thrown out even before reaching your plate.

During Ramadan time it will increase by 50% to 600.000.000 gr...600.000 kg...600 to ... PER DAY, what a waste and no one really cares ... full buffets, full plates, all daily fresh-made and then even 50% of it is thrown away.

What a shame where actually this time should be for fasting, reevaluating life, conscious and decent living, as well as appreciating what Mother Earth is providing us.

According to The Quran, wasting food is a sin, like every other sin. 

One person in the world dies every three seconds because of hunger.

This year Mother Earth is giving us a lecture on sustainable living.

People will be very conscious during Ramadan as there will be no Ramadan Tents, no over floating buffets and hopefully the majority will prepare their own food at home and will be ashamed of throwing it out because it is made from their own hands and not just served or taken from ready-made buffets.

Put on the plate as much you can eat, NOT as much as will fit on it. Take small portions and refill. Leftovers can be donated or used for composting to give back to the soil, what we took from it.

So at the end this year Ramadan will be much more decent, more private, more conscious and produce LESS FOOD WASTE.

So it will be a good Ramadan for humans and nature.

Wishing all a peaceful and pleasant RAMADAN KAREEM!

Food wasted after Iftar or Suhoor.....

Food Waste Statistic in Saudi Arabia

Food wasted even maybe still good for eating or cooking.....at least for composting

Food waste.....every day approx. 400 gram per person per day in Bahrain....planted, watered, harvested, transported....thrown

Approximately 3.1 million children die from undernutrition each year

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