St Chris YMOG winner awarded place at prestigious music school and recording contract.

St Christopher's School year 9 student Momo AlNajjir has been accepted to The Purcell School for Young Musicians. 

Bahraini Momo started playing piano at the the age of five, and in January 2018, when he was only 11 years old, he was named the winner of Young Musicians of the Gulf (YMOG). He was previously awarded the prize for the Most Talented Bahrain-Based Musician, again at YMOG.

Momo has since received recommendations from Classic FM who stated "this 12 year old's Bach is phenomenal". Momo (short for Mohamed) will be releasing his first EP on Orchid Classics as soon as he is able to travel and complete recording sessions.

Since 2018, Mohamed has been studying under leading British concert pianist, Ashley Wass. He has also received lessons from several other major international pianists, including Maxim Mogilevsky, Olga Rumshevich, Murray McLachlan, Helen Krizos and William Fong. In October 2018, he performed at a small concert at Newnton House in the UK, marking his first international performance. He is currently working on recording his first EP, a performance of Bach’s Partita No. 1 in B-flat major, which will be released by Orchid Classics later this year.

Mohamed also plays the violin and has been a member of the St. Christopher’s School orchestra for the past five years. Beginning in September 2020, Mohamed will be attending The Purcell School, a leading specialist music school located in Hertfordshire, England.

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