Teens of tomorrow

A couple of big-hearted high school students are rallying youngsters from across the kingdom to join them on their newly formed initiative aimed at inspiring change within the community for a  better tomorrow. 

The “Volunteers of Tomorrow” was co-founded by Bahrain Bayan School students Shaikha Lulwa Feras Al Khalifa and Zeyad Al Sakhi in July to gather like-minded pupils who have the same drive and passion to make changes for the benefit of the community. According to the determined duo, the aim is to help the underprivileged through various community projects, with the implementation of social distancing, and online campaigns.

“In this current predicament, our determination to do what we can to aid our community far exceeds any reluctance,” explained Shaikha Lulwa. “We wish to inspire not only the youngsters of Bahrain, but also youngsters globally to understand the value of giving and connecting to their communities in a time when we are separated.

“We wish to embed humanitarian principles and practices in the Bahraini youth to facilitate community-led change, therefore, improving the standard of living of the underprivileged.

“These opportunities will allow us to recognise skills and work ethics that would benefit us in the future. Also, we hope that this would encourage young people to become more involved in helping their communities.”

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