GDNLIFE short story winners for August

TALENTED young writer Tess Jannah who recently won the junior section of GDNlife’s popular short story writing competition has made it a double delight by picking up the coveted adult prize too after turning 18.

Science fiction entrants wowed the August judging panel with The Warning by Ms Jannah taking the top BD25 prize and schoolboy Arihant Jain scooping the U18 accolade with his gripping tale called Can you keep a secret?

Ms Jannah, an Indian student and entrepreneur, who recently graduated from the British School of Bahrain’s Class of 2020, lives in Janabiya, and has already attracted more than 1,660 views of her latest work.

One of the judges, Rohini Sunderam, from Bahrain Writers Circle, described The Warning as a ‘tremendous world creation with plenty of tension’.

“I liked that insight, ‘trust humanity to take away a power just because it doesn’t fit the norm’,” she added.

“I’m very pleased to win the story writing competition for the adult section this time! Being recognised humbles me every time,” said a stunned Ms Jannah.

“I wanted to try something different from the last entry and give a more ‘dystopian’ feel over our present situation.

“My life has also had significant changes since the last time I was featured, as I have also turned 18 and recently started my own business of making bath bombs. It is called ‘Natural Spells’ and I have been quite engrossed in getting my orders ready and marketing it. To add to the list of changes, I’m also now looking forward to joining my university with a focus to major in Economics.

“Just like the character Nat in my latest short story, I often wonder if the ability to have a premonition to detect danger could be of benefit in today’s world.

“I’m super excited for my next entry as I think I am on track with a few new materials to entertain my readers with!”

Her original winning story, Her Name was Lakshmi, in the junior category impressed judge Chris Fenton, head teacher of the British Primary Department at Al Noor International School, and this time he believes the contest has uncovered yet another literary star in the making in Arihant.

The 15-year-old Indian expat lives in Saar and studies in the Grade 11 at New Millennium School-DPS.

“An excellent piece of science fiction with undertones of H G Wells,” said Mr Fenton.

“It gripped me from the beginning as, like all good sci-fi, it isn’t too far outside the realms of possibility.

“Great work, Arihant!”

“I’m honoured to have been chosen as the winner of the August competition,” said a delighted Arihant.

“I thank you for providing this opportunity for me to showcase my talent on the GDNLife platform.

“I have many hobbies like basketball, coding, building models and robots. I love debating, participate in many Model United Nations events and have even reached the Tournament of Champions in the World Scholars Cup.

“As any teenage boy, I play video games with my friends. I love to travel too, exploring the world and learning about new cultures and places. Adventure sports that get the heart pumping hard are incredibly fun for me as well.”

More than 1,800 visitors have already viewed his winning entry.

Keen writers are being offered the chance to publish their work on Bahrain’s new social media platform for a monthly prize too.

September entries are invited.

Winning stories, of no more than 800 words, will then compete for an annual GDNlife Short Story of the Year prize trophy … and even entries that do not win the judges’ approval could still walk away with an accolade – The GDNlife People’s Choice Award – for receiving the most views and likes.

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