The key to success based on my personal experience

How to succeed in your life? A classic question that many of us ask ourselves every day.
 Just like you, thinking about it, I wondered. I looked for answers. Whether in books, articles, videos… I came to the conclusion that there is not a correct answer regarding success.
You are certainly wondering why and how come? Simply because you are a unique person with your own talents, your personality, your values, your history ... We are all different and all extraordinary. We have different abilities, desires, motivations, goals and dreams.
When you ask yourself how to be successful in life, images and fears appear. Let me guess, when we talk to you about success, you see: a big house, a lot of money, a very good job, a very good standard of living, millions of followers…. And the list goes on.
For a very long time, I also believed that to succeed in life was to have a certain social status, to be famous and to control one's image. As if success is measured by what you have. I convinced myself that to get there, I had to be perfect and run away from failure.
Little by little I realized that I was wrong. I discovered that I forgot the most important thing about success. I would like to share with you what does succeeding in my life mean to me today. What I do to reach the top and what makes me say that I have achieved my dreams.
To be successful is to be proud of myself. It is looking at the path I have gone through, the decisions I have made, the actions I have taken, and having no regrets. I can say it, I could have collapsed and gave up many times. I could have continued to cry over my fate and accepted to deal with it. But I chose to fight and raise my head.
For me to succeed is to realize my dreams and my projects. To succeed in my life is to multiply small victories over me, over my fears and over everything that bothers me.
I know that it is not as easy as it is said.  But I affirm my choices. And every day, I fight. I alternate ups and downs. But I know where I am going and where my happiness is going. I found a meaning in my life. This is my greatest achievement yet.
To succeed in my life is to love, and to be loved, to be happy, to know the meaning of happiness. But it is also about overcoming my anxieties, overcoming all my phobias, and above all realizing my dreams.
 To succeed in your life, you will not have to do it in the same way as me or your neighbor.
What you need to understand is that the range of efforts to make and strategies to use actually depend on your goals. The way you see the world. What you expect. And finally, who you are.
Before asking yourself "how to succeed in life" you should ask yourself exactly what you want to do with your life. To understand how to succeed in life, you have to understand what you really want, what are your dreams, your ambitions ... and follow your values.
In order to succeed, you have to make an effort and maintain a solid motivation. You also need to develop a detailed action plan, which means you have to know step by step what you are going to do every day little by little to get one step closer to your dream.
Success is always evaluated by others. But in reality, no one is best placed to judge your experience then you are.
For me the key to success is to never let go because you never really know how far you are from your success.
What matters is to be able to look in the mirror and say to yourself that every day, you build yourself by following your own wishes and not those of others.
So, I return the question to you: how do you think it is possible to succeed in your life? You and you alone have the answer. Never forget that.

Eya Labidi 💗

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