Snakes egg when it hatches

Cobra egg when it hatches

Snakes can lay up to 100 eggs or more per year in one large clutch, and others lay smaller clutches which hold just less than 25 eggs.

Baby cobras may be cute but they can blind, paralyze, and often kill you.

A “Spitting Cobra” right out of the egg has the instinctive ability to stream an extremely toxic venom right in your eye. No hesitation . . . they are born to blind you or anything else threatening them.

Their aim is excellent and the venom has the approximate velocity of water from a water pistol. An adult can eject a stream of venom up to eight feet, so a baby can spray your face from about two to four feet away. The jets from two fangs form a geometric pattern to make sure it gets you in the eye.

What happens if you get hit? If you immediately irrigate the eye with fresh running water for ten minutes or more, the effects will be minimized. But if you don’t . . . .

Well, a spitting cobra’s venom not only has the neurotoxins (paralyzing agents) of a regular cobra, but also cytotoxins (cell killing agents).

Your iris and cornea would melt, even from a baby’s squirt. Unbearable pain doesn’t describe the experience, victims report.

Nothing can ease the pain, they say, as the venom eats through the conjunctiva and iris, then coats the cornea. Erosion and tissue death begin immediately, as nerve agents simultaneously begin to paralyze the rest of the eye.

Unfortunately, the paralysis does not lessen the pain. The sclera (white of your eye) turns a blood red and swells. You get headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, and may collapse or have convulsions

Better avoid such investigation.

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