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Every single day, I can only realise how time flies at a breathtaking speed. The several hours between my wake up time and my bedtime seem to last only a few seconds. However, when I take a good look at my surroundings and people, I realize that I am far from being the only person in this situation. We are all in such a hurry; we are constantly running from side to side in order to get there and get through our day. In doing so, are we really enjoying life?
In fact by doing so, we become completely disconnected from the present moment. We forget that everything that really matters is here and now. Yes, yes, you read that correctly: everything that is really important is present with you as you read these lines.
In the past, I had to learn how to live fully in the present moment.
A few months ago, I was feverishly anticipating the future. Believing that I would be much happier once I will be  an adult, I certainly didn't realize the importance of childhood and time. I was convinced that I had to wait in order to be truly fulfilled with life.
Obviously, by integrating the field of personal development and positivity, my perception of the situation changed. I realized that living with the excitement of the future and the remorse of the past was not bringing anything positive to my daily life. I understood that people tend to believe that waiting is a synonym with happiness. Indeed, we are mistaken when believe that we will only be happy once we are famous, once we will have the ideal career, a romantic relationship, a diploma, money, etc. We are often just waiting for the moment when we will have this and that. We believe that the years will bring us well-being and joy.
By doing so, we are not making the most of the present moment. However it is very special, since the present moment is the only moment that is given to us to live. The past is the one that shapes us, it is our history, our life baggage, but it is not the one that has the most hold on the person we are today. The past is the one who makes us evolve, who teaches us, it is a notebook that recalls our memories, our experiences, our meetings. The future, meanwhile, is the space of time that encourages us to become the best version of ourselves, it is also the place where our wildest dreams are hidden. The future pushes us to move forward, towards what we really want. This is the path that is not yet faded, but which encourages us to venture a little more each day. Between the two is the present moment, the avenue of all possibilities, the one over which we have power, the one that is there, in the here and now and which quite simply allows us to live fully. 
The present comes with its charm, it doesn’t take long to come as the future can, but it is fragile, because it passes at full speed in our lives leaving us barely time to cherish it. There is something precious, soothing about the present moment, the apprehensions or even the regrets that ruin our lives are not welcome, they cannot exist in this space of time, so they go back to where they came from. , past and future. The present allows us to cherish life as it presents itself to us.
The present is not resentful, because even if it is not always honored at its fair value, it is there, faithful to where you are and perceptible in a laugh shared between friends, in a loving look or at the sight of a landscape. These instant moments remind us of the importance of cherishing them, of loving them, of living them.
So you have to break the belief that well-being and joy will come later. You deserve to be happy now. You have the right to enjoy life. Create your happiness now. Live fiercely, passionately!
Plus, can you really be confident that a future exists for you? In my opinion, no one can really know. I may be taking my last breath as I write these lines. So, I do my best to make the present the best time of my life. After all, your life could end at any moment. What are you waiting for to take advantage of it? Retirement? A university degree? Your entire life can change in a matter of minutes. You have no control over the future! It is often said that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. So do not put all your hopes for happiness in the hands of the future.
Here are some tips that will help you live fully in the moment and be more connected with the here and now:
1. Do something for yourself
Whether it's reading, knitting, or watching an episode of your favorite TV show, find a relaxing activity that makes you happy. I advise you to do an activity, or to create. Really, I have noticed that it is the activities that require a lot of concentration that allow me to fully experience the present moment (painting, sports, musical instruments, coloring, writing). Think about it: when you're focused on A, you can't think of XYZ. You just become completely engrossed in A and by that very fact you become truly connected to the present moment. No matter what activity you choose, the goal is only to do something for our own happiness without feeling stressed.

2. Breathe deeply
I know I know; this seems to be quite obvious. But how many people actually take the time to breathe properly each day? Practice this exercise in a way that makes you comfortable; you can close your eyes, keep them open, put on relaxing music, etc. You just have to take this moment to reconnect with yourself. You are alive and that is all that matters at the time of this exercise.
3. Listen to the sensations of your body
To live the present moment well, you must be fully aware of your senses. It is our five senses that help us live in the present moment, our senses help us stay anchored and connected to the physical reality around us.It is by taking the time to think about what we see, what we hear, what we smell, what we taste and touch that we perceive the reality of the moment.
When we walk, for example, it's easy to let our thoughts wander. At such times, take the time to listen to birdsong, for example: it will instantly reconnect you to the present. You can also admire what surrounds you, notice a peculiar smell. As you do this exercise, you will notice that your mind refocuses on the present moment, on the emotions you are experiencing. It allows you to master the present moment.
4. Do meditation, relaxation and / or visualization
Practicing any of these three approaches helps me tremendously on a daily basis. While there are differences between the latter, all three allow us to clear our minds and stop thinking about our millions of responsibilities and concerns.
While meditation aims at awareness and contemplation of our thoughts, feelings and sensations, relaxation aims to completely relax the mind and body. Visualization, on the other hand, involves using our imagination to visualize certain situations in our mind. The three exercises mentioned here are all very effective in their own way. Try and find out what suits you best!
After all, what is important is that you find what allows you to be the best version of yourself and, most importantly, to be happy. Reconnecting with the present moment is knowing how to enjoy life; it is the ability to know how to appreciate every moment that life has to offer. The more you practice doing this - the easier it will become for you to truly live in the present.
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