You look at the immensity of the task that you have to accomplish and you have the impression that you are never going to get there.

There is this voice that speaks to you in your head, that makes you doubt about your abilities, that advises you to give up and that pushes you to give up. If you listen to it you will get lost, it will make you believe that it is done, that you can’t go on and that it is useless to fight.

This voice will convince you to let your dreams go up in smoke. Your head does things that take you away from your dreams, your head does things that you regret, your head does things that you never should have done. But is that reason enough to stay on the ground? to cry, to lament and to do nothing? is that an enough reason to listen to this voice whose only purpose is to make your life hell? Because the day you go underground and rethink, all the things that kept you from doing. It will be too late !

But there is another voice, which says that even if you risk falling, you MUST TRY, that even if it is not easy, you MUST TRY, that even if there are tears, blood, drama, you MUST TRY! YOU MUST TRY!
Just because there are difficulties that you have the right to desert, it’s not because we told you “no” that you have the right to stop.
You are not one of those to whom we say yes, or those to whom we give without them having made the slightest effort. On the other hand, YOU are part of the clan of disillusionment, of those to whom we have said no, of those who have been given no chance. Of those we made fun of, that we left out, those that we rejected, you are part of that.

But WE DON'T CARE because you've come TOO FAR to give up, you've suffered enough to give up now! no matter what people may think, no matter how many times you fell, no matter the number of kicks you got, no matter how many times your tears fell.

You don’t have the right to let go, You don’t! You're going through hell, you can't go back, your real strength is your ability to keep the LIGHT OF HOPE, when your life is drowned in the dark.

I knew this moment, when you are at the bottom of the hole, when you want to die but that the only option available to you is to SUCCEED! we are not asking you to be the best, we are asking you to GIVE tour best from your heart because maybe the minute that comes now is the one that will TRANSFORM your life! DO IT! CHALLENGE your dreams!

Eya Labidi

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