Welcome to Bahrain Teachers College

To all the students who have virtually stepped into the Bahrain Teachers College this year, a hearty welcome and showers of blessings on your forthcoming weeks, months and years in this abode. This is a place where your life and future will reshape. Just like the world will never be the same again due to the pandemic, similarly after entering this college you will slowly grow into an artist who will shape many lives and the future of this nation. As you learn and grow, you will make history. Despite distance, we your teachers, have a big place for you in our hearts and stand by you as you take this journey. Make good use of your time and energies and shine like a diamond! Remember as well to be grateful for the opportunities you have. Remember to place your golf balls ahead of stones and sand. Believe in your abilities to move every rock in your path with careful thinking and sensible teamwork. Also, believe that you are lucky if you are healthy, that you are lucky if you have a loving family, that you are lucky if you have friends and above all feel lucky if you can continue to learn. 

Neesha Malik 

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Work hard and enjoy the journey. Learn from all you meet in life's travel. Every one you pass by has something to give you. Receive it with grace. ....Read more


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