Zoom just 'goat' a lot more fun

Farms around the world are offering video conferences a welcome respite- you can now pay as a little as £5 to have a cute critter 'butt in' to your video call. 

The world, as a whole, is reaching that tipping point in Covid fatigue, where video conferences are morphing into the bane of our existence. But for less than BD3, Lulu, Iva, Ozymandias, Mary, Elizabeth, Daisy, Margaret, Simone, Sebastian or Mr Moderator, can liven up your weekly meetings.

The goats, based in Lancashire UK, have been offered by farmer Dot McCarthy as video call stars since the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Five pounds buys you five minutes of zoom time with one of the farm's stars, and you can rest easy knowing that any profits will be going towards the farm's goal of installing renewable energy technologies for the farm.

Dot told Vice: "We start at 6:30am and go every 10 minutes until 9:30pm UK time, seven days a week. We also do it after hours for those calling from different time zones, with a small extra charge for staggering down to our pyjamas in the middle of the night."

Each goat has its own distinct personality traits and in addition to vogueing in front of the camera, they will also chat via text during their screen time. 

So, for those of you, who want to add a guest speaker, er, bleater to your next meeting to 'kid' around or because you really need to know what the new normal for the global goat population looks like, head over to https://www.cronkshawfoldfarm.co.uk/goatsonzoom  

Just don't be too much of a silly billy about it. 

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