Overlooking the world through COVID 19

No one expected the COVID world?

It took us away to the 19th-century world. One can, t deny the fact that it is taking the life apart.

What do you say about these words?

UNESCO essay competition some children brought out these writings.

With the growing darkness of COVID-19 engulfing the entire world, forcing people to stay home, silencing the busiest places of the world with a wave of fear and death, there has been some ray of light on environmental issues…It is unfortunate that such a pandemic that claims millions of lives is bringing such a change on the environment when we should have acted long back, which would have prevented this in the first place.

Akansha Ghosh, 21 years (West Bengal)

The lockdown has made us appreciate our parents, who usually work day and night to fulfill our reasonable (and unreasonable) demands and never complain. Spending more time with them gave us an opportunity to understand them and to learn what quality time is.

Abhinav Goel, 11 years (Punjab)

A new era of gender equality after the coronavirus requires not just the sharing of home and family responsibility between men and women, it also calls for more work and education opportunities for women and the breaking of mental blockages.

Anika Kumari Berry, 23 years (Delhi)

Fighting an unknown, unseen enemy, with no definite cure in sight, lots of misinformation and disinformation is being circulated on the internet. The accidental spread of misinformation is a menace and causes fear amongst the people.

Suhani Sharma, 12 years (Chandigarh)

UNESCO Views in this way.

Common man views like this.

What thinkers has to say?

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