Short Story Entry - My Stray Teacher - Sumesh Surendran (Adult)

Health and fitness, like most other people in this Pandemic, I too have taken up regular walking to keep myself active and sound. After a busy day at work my walks are the only things that helps to ease my troubled mind.

During these walks, I happened to notice a thin, lean stray dog, a loner, never in a pack. Always crossed my path with her on the same spot. Gradually our meeting became often and our bond was growing.

It became an usual affair. I looked forward to seeing her and I believe she did too. She used to playfully run to me and wanted me to rub her neck, belly and pat her head. We shared that few minutes daily, where I could see her beautiful brown eyes looking at me - full of affection. 

Always wondered if she had any luck in finding food or did anyone feed her regularly hence she sticks to that particular spot and such. Or was she seeing a ray of hope in me to feed her? Was her playful actions misinterpreted by me? Were they pleas for food?

One fine evening, I decided to carry some food with me to feed her. Excited! I carried it till our rendezvous hoping that she would be there. To my joy and excitement she was there and immediately came running to me with a waggy tail and sparkle in her eyes. 

I don't know who was more excited this time, me or her. I led her to an open spot and opened the box with food for her. Her pleas were finally answered! I have brought her food. What happened next was totally unexpected. She looked at the food and then deep in to my eyes, turned away and ran off leaving me all alone with the cool breeze brushing through my hair.

I was taken aback initially, but then I started to think. Sometimes in life, no matter what situation someone is in, maybe all you need to do is show some love and compassion.

Not everyone who comes close to you is looking to benefit from you, maybe all they need is your time, love and company without expecting anything in return.

Be kind to one another ... you never know what they may be going through.


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