Short Story Entry: A Tragic Love (Adult)


In the aftermath of cold war, behind both sides of the iron curtain that divided people not only ideologically but also physically. In the cold dark world, lived two love birds, Josh and Helen. The two were happily married and heavenly in love. Josh worked as an economist while Helen was a poet and a violinist living in the city of berlin. These were not so good times as the soviet, the United States and its allies had their own agendas to push and their own purpose to pursue for the cost of innocent lives. At the beginning of august 1961, Josh had a trip planned to the West Berlin. It was a normal day for  when he drove to the western part for research, and would stay there for about 2 weeks and will be back home. On the night of august 12th the 13th, 1961 it was decided to lay down barb wire and a wall stretching about 100miles, too keep the west and east divided. The westerners could get into the east side however the easterners could not get into the west side. This news reached Josh   and Helen who were separated Helen being home and Josh far from the west side of the wall. Contacting her husband through telephones letters or any other way was completely hopeless. The only thought that crossed her mind was rushing to the wall so they can both end up on the same side. When the wall was still being constructed people did try to flee from either side however some were stopped and beaten, while others escaped and flee. Helen was extremely nervous she knew it was dangerous thing to do but she had to make a decision. She rushed to the wall thinking he still have 1 day left and she could be reunited with her husband. Her legs were shaking, there were tears of fear in her eyes, and she felt the weight of the whole world on her back. She wanted to, but couldn’t think of any strategy to cross the wall. When the soldiers, workers and other volunteers were busy in building the wall, in midst of chaos she ran to the east side like a tiger going after his prey. She knew there was no going back. For Helen, everything stopped for a split seconds she could either see her husband or death in front of her eyes. However successfully she did cross the wall, a one deep breath of air representing hope breathing out all the anxiousness, worried and scared and would now look for the love of her life in the middle of chaotic world.

Chapter #2

August 16th, the day was supposed to return to East to his wife Helen, if everything had gone just about right, only if the circumstances allowed him to. But that was not the case of course. Upon hearing that a barricade will be erected, he could only think of his Helen. Josh  left everything and rushed to the wall to cross over to the east. That night he was worried, anxious and eager to meet Helen. He kept asking himself the question, “Will my Helen be alright?” same as what she was thinking of him. Josh reached the wall and crossed successfully. It is human nature, your inner voice, perhaps the angel on your shoulder or the God that resides in your heart which aches when you do something wrong. The moment he crossed the wall he knew his Helen well enough that she would have crossed to west for him. Instantly regretting Josh did try to escape through the wall but this time luck just wasn’t on his side. He was knocked unconscious and found himself lying in the local hospital bed. Once he was able enough to walk he rushed to home hoping she would be there waiting for him but reality hit him hard. He felt as if his heart had been ripped out of his body. He was present in the world but lost in the memories, sobbing in the name of Helen. Time passed and he kept writing in the name of Helen thinking she might be there somewhere waiting for him. November 9th 1889, the day was cold, dark and hopeless. When Josh heard that the wall of berlin had fallen. Nothing else in his mind, even after 20 years he rushed thinking she might be there. He waited for hours and as usual when all the hope was lost he turned his back and continue walking till he heard the voice of an angel “Like the leaves of autumn, I lost you,

Like a wind of a summer, I felt you,

Like the spring, you were never gone,

But like the sun in the snow I found you.”


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