We stop being human the minute we stop feeling compassion towards the pain of others.  

Pain isn’t simply a broken bone, torn ligaments, a paper cut or a burn.

The most dangerous type of pain is the unseen pain that dwells in our minds and the silent battles that we fight against our own self.

These battles are hard because we face them alone. There is no army behind us, there is no magic pill, and there are no weapons.

It’s just us – and our thoughts.

Our thoughts are dangerous when left unchecked, untamed and allowed to run amuck in the darkness.

Reaching out to those in need isn’t much to ask – all it takes is an act of kindness that can change the way a person who is struggling sees the world.

A simple smile and a (hi) changes the way people walk through their day when surrounded by unseen darkness that consumes their minds.

A little compassion isn’t hard to extend to our fellow humans but we stop being human the minute we can’t empathise with others.

Unseen struggles in the mind are REAL.

Mental illness is REAL.

Depression is REAL.

Anxiety is REAL.

Even behind the masks there are people who are fighting the hardest battles against their own demons every single minute of every single day. 

Be compassionate - you never know whose life you might save by simply smiling.

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