Enola Holmes - Film Review

Heroine Holmes, who needs Sherlock when you have Enola around?

Nancy Springer’s young adult novel series ‘Enola Holmes’ has recently been adapted from book to film, producing another delightful Netflix original.

It comes as no surprise that Arthur Conan Doyle’s signature character’s sister has accumulated some of his savvy solving skills, (the skillset that made him the clean cut detective we all know and love) but not only has she acquired these fascinating family traits, she has added to them, putting her own twist on sleuthing that adds spice and energy to a sometimes predictable character.

New star-on-the-block Millie Bobbie Brown, best known for her Stranger Things performances portraying the beloved character Eleven, shines bright in the film about Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, and their mischievously headstrong little sister.

As for the film itself, as you would expect it involves a mystery, but not a clichéd brain-teaser, a mystery that involves the entire Holmes family and most crucially the disappearance of their mother, Eudoria, expertly played by Helena Bonham-Carter.

When Viscount Tewksbury played by 16-year-old Louis Partridge is introduced to Enola on the train, the plot unravels further, gaining pace and the mystery of Enola’s mother deepens, leaving viewers questioning how all of the pieces will fit together, like a good mystery should.

The film’s 19th Century setting provided by Harry Bradbeer touches upon the gender and class oppression of the time, but these are social issues that are tackled as much through Enola’s personal journey as in the screenplay itself, which references modern day thinking and, in doing so, helps the audience recognise how far we have come as a society. 

The detailed props, sets and outfits set the scene magnificently and add to the natural sweeping English settings on display. 

Fight scenes are frenetic, explosions are dramatic and the pace is non-stop and fun.

This is a satisfyingly high energy journey back in time that invites you to unravel an unusual mystery and is worth the two hours you will spend watching it.

An enjoyable story that the whole family can enjoy.

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