Short story entry (Adult) - Wonderland, take me back - by Senorita

'Matt ... pick Amy from Miss Gardner's will you? I've to be at Dr. Jake's by 4.''

There she was, with the never ending list of things I had to do! For a full moment I thought how miserable my life had become. And how it had become for her, a routine to get on my nerves from dawn to dusk. Matt did you get the groceries? Matt pick up the kids, Matt this, Matt that! Arghh!

"Matt ... Maaaatt..! Maybe you should come to Dr. Jake's too and get your evil ears checked.''
''Oh Kate .... I have two ears ... two good ones ... you don't have to scream your lungs out! Yes,I will pick her up and ... what if I say no .. what then?. You don't have another option right? Ho,ho ... don't give me that look Kate ... don't you stare at me!''

That was it! She jumped into the car and drove away. Not even a goodbye.

''Don't cry ... little fella ... Mamma will be back soon. Let's go get Amy and stop for some ice cream later.''


"One flat white and two value scoops please.Strawberry and chocolate please."

"Matt ... Is that you?".

"Ohh Ronnie? What a pleasant surprise! What brings you here?''

"Soo good to see you chap!. Teena and I landed last Sunday to try our luck at the International Vintage Collector Contest ... well,I must say that I'm pretty proud of our collections. So we thought, why not give it a try. After all ... winning a ticket for two on the world's finest Dream Weaver won't hurt eh?''

Man this was so much for me to take in. All I could think then was; how does he get time for all this? How could he be all ... high spirited and cheered up?Was he not living in this same planet that had now started to show me its monstrous roots? Maybe after all it wasn't for me ... maybe I was not meant to be happy .... I thought.

"Ohh ... great! I wish you all the best. God bless you both. Do come over for dinner. Kate and I will be delighted. "


"Amy ... do you want to help me in the backyard with something?" 

"Yes, Dadda".
''Come then ... you could ask Mamma and Vicky to join us too"

"I have a little surprise for you guys! When dada was a little young boy, me, your Uncle John and Ronnie had put all our most favourite knick knacks, our most prized possessions then, into a little chest ... and buried it under our grandpa tree. I think we have waited enough ... I am going to take it and show you guys.

"Woahhh Daddy, I wanna see." 

''Ohh this is  exciting Matt! Keep digging."

Ahh there it was! Our big brown chest ... which was part of all our  games. And in it was my old friend Jack, the  guy from Mars, Jimmy Choo the cowboy, Chiplet the Monkey and even the one eyed pirate, Hawkinsn ... ughh, I still hate that guy! Also, our beach photograph and so much more! How simply delightful it was!

"Matt its amazing. Hahha ha. I cannot even imagine you playing with all this!

"Dadda you were sooo cool"

''Haha ... Amy ... I know right!"

Now, there was something in me that started to change ... I was feeling all wobbly ... but ... in a good way though. What was happening? I couldn't figure it out.
I took a slight glance at the sky and it was once again the dreamland that I used to gaze for long hours. The sun shone brighter than ever. I could hear the little sparrows chirp gleefully. The gentle midday breeze caressed my cheeks, my hair fluttered. Even the rustling of the leaves turned into a melody. I took a deep breath. It seemed to me as if the whole world had become still. Nature in all its splendour!

It was all it took to unleash the child in me. I once again had become the 5 year old who loved flying kites, riding bikes, collecting buttons and seashells and who woke up each day solely for exploring the world before him.

"Heyy Amy ... catch me if you can!" "Oh I will Daddyyy! Stop right there ... hehhe..."

"Come on Vicky ... you too Kate!''

"Got you Daddy! Catch me now!"

"Come here, daddy's little monster!"

"Kate, why don't you take a day off? Let's go for a picnic and maybe a movie after!"

"Really Matt? What happened to the upright officer who hasn't even got time to kiss us goodnight?"

"Kate, I am sorry ... you're right. I've been a little grumpy and a whole lot selfish lately. I will make up for it, I promise."

Yes, it all ended just as you might be thinking right now. We embraced each other lovingly and our little munchkins came running too.

Well, the point is, sometimes life can get pretty hard and busy and you might even get a little cranky,but always do take a break every now and then ... and find time to make that little child in you happy.

Life is not over, it's not later, it's right now happening right before your eyes. Cherish every passing moment. Celebrate the little things in life. Take a look around, inhale the fresh air, smile!

You might not appreciate it but the little child in you definitely will! And as long as the little child in you stays happy, you and everyone around you will be too! *wink*  

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