How the GCC can become a force in global green hydrogen

·         Strategy& highlights long-term strategic priorities for GCC producers to lead the green hydrogen export market and achieve scale advantages of the green ammonia value chain

·         Global green hydrogen demand is expected to exceed 530 million tons, equivalent to around 7 percent of global primary energy consumption

According to the report, there are four long-term strategic priorities for GCC producers to lead the green hydrogen export market:

Establish lowest-cost, large-scale green hydrogen production capability
GCC countries should continue to invest in utility-scale solar farms to achieve low-cost renewable electricity input prices for hydrogen production and deploy the electrolyzer technology most suited to large-scale green hydrogen production.

Focus on green ammonia production as a hydrogen carrier and storage medium
This must be a key focus area for research and development (R&D) spending and an opportunity to localize world-leading capabilities in the GCC that will underpin the new global hydrogen economy.

Master ammonia cracking in key port destinations
The choice of export markets is critical. GCC exporters should adopt a long-term view and focus on a relatively small number of markets with sustainable demand due to high consumption and low production potential.

Create green hydrogen hubs
To achieve maximum cost efficiency, GCC exporters should establish integrated green hydrogen–ammonia infrastructure hubs focused on domestic production and centralized reconversion activities in export destinations. In the GCC, these hubs could be co-located with, or near, renewable electricity generation.

“Although many countries have ambitious plans for green hydrogen, the GCC states have unique advantages that could allow them to play a leading role in the hydrogen economy. By seizing the green hydrogen opportunity, GCC countries can lay the foundation for economic growth in a decarbonized world and ensure their continued influence in energy markets

Susie Almasi, Executive Advisor with Strategy& Middle East.

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