YORK locally manufactures powerful air purification unit

Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), a leader in the HVAC-R industry, has developed an innovative Air Purification Unit to filter air and improve indoor air quality. The innovative YORK airIQ Unit uses 4 filtration phases; treating air safely in a hygienic and environmentally friendly way; by eliminating all pollutants, viruses, harmful bacteria and airborne compounds by 99.99 per cent. 

The YORK airIQ, developed and manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is in line with the Vision 2030, which focuses on localising manufacturing and improving local content, in addition to developing the necessary skills to achieve that.

The manufacturing of YORK airIQ comes within the framework of Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK)'s continuous development values. 

Given its effectiveness and advantages, the YORK airIQ is expected to be mass-produced, with the possibility of expanding the manufacturing capacity to include regional export. It’s ability for customization leads to diverse applications, in the residential and commercial sectors.

Eliminating Bacteria & Viruses:

The new air purifier contains a number of internationally approved, effective and advanced filters, certified by Underwriters Laboratories, a US safety consulting firm, that purify and treat indoor air by up to 99.99 per cent. These can be used in a number of applications; including hospitals & clinics, hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, schools, sports facilities, homes, and others. The air purifiers use ultraviolet light to treat air by eliminating airborne pathogens and microorganisms; such as viruses, bacteria and volatile contaminants. The combined filtration phases give the Unit an edge over its competitors in the market.

The YORK airIQ is equipped with 4 stages of air treatment: It begins by purifying the air with an Aluminum Filter in order to remove large particles and moisture from the air. In the second stage, an Activated Carbon Filter traps pollutants, impurities, unpleasant odors and organic compounds, using the chemical absorption property of active carbon. The third filtration stage aims to create a strong sterile area using the built-in high-energy Ultraviolet Lights (UVL), in order to maximize the removal of particles from air and kill the remaining pollutants. The fourth stage of filtration uses a high-efficiency HEPA Filter, to remove the fine particles that may have escaped all the previous filters. It is an approved high-quality filter used in operating rooms and intensive care units. 

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