Digging trenches

When we moved into our home in 1996, our garden was empty and sandy but over the years it turned into a beautiful eden of local trees, grass, and various flowers.

I had recently taken time off work to just chill at home and catch up on my reading, exercises and family time while also taking advantage of my vacation to bond with our dogs – especially Courage.

I wanted to fully utilise the improving weather by taking my morning cup of tea outside in the garden and reading a book while sitting in the trees and listening to the birds chirping (sounds like such a chill paradise).

Of course, my plans were short lived as Courage had spent the last few days digging a trench where I planned to place my chair.

I think she was hoping to create an underground escape channel but changed her mind half-way through and just decided to sit in the massive hole she dug under one of our fruit trees.

As I looked at her, I realised that she has destroyed my father’s favourite tree which has been growing for more than two decades but I couldn’t help but smile because of her pure joy at finding a cool spot to chill in that she had made herself.

She puts a smile on my face with her goofiness and my days off work were definitely made a lot more interesting by chasing Courage for stealing my brother’s hoodie from the laundry line, digging holes all around the garden, stealing slippers from the doorway and also barging into the house when the door is left open.

You want to be happy and feel unconditional love – get a dog.

You can never go wrong with that.

Courage sitting in her trench while Marley and Cash sniff around jealous of her cool new spot.

Chilling like a villain.

I couldn't resist re-posting this picture simply because of how happy she looks at her accomplishment.

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