Be the best you can be

Have you ever stayed individually and thought quietly about yourself? Do you remember how you filled your mind with negative ideas because of things going around?

Do you remember when you failed an exam and cried, and you forgot tens of exams you passed?

You are intelligent ... more than you imagine.

Do not make limits to your abilities. That is what I concluded from the most famous scientist “Albert Einstein” this great physics philosopher was born 14th March 1847.

Do you imagine that this huge person listened to a lot of bad words in his childhood? Especially from his teacher who told him that he was a stupid student and will not succeed at anything. Most people believed in that at first!

He started talking quite late. Can you believe that this kid developed the theory of relativity?

Early life: When he was young, he faced difficulties in talking and he was making sentences in his brain until he got them correctly and then said them loudly.

At age of five, his father gave him a compass, and this was his beginning with science. He started his formal education at age of six. He did will in school especially in Mathematics and Science, but his marks in other subjects were not so good because he hates memorising. He was very interested in playing the violin.

Einstein did not feel comfortable at school atmosphere and preferred to build house of cards and played with his sister at home.

He continued learning on his own and mastered calculus at early age.

He left Munich to avoid military service and registered at an institute.

Imagine ... he failed the registration exam and did it for a second time and he was admitted.

Finally, after he graduated, he started searching for an academic job, but he did not find one.

The young Einstein needed money, so he found a job as a clerk in an office. This job was so easy for him, but he was happy because he found free time to do his research and develop his theories.

He developed the theory of relativity and the world's famous equation E=mc2.

  • Achievements: He has many achievements regarding Science, and I cannot list them all. He achieved big goals. He wrote many books and developed the theory of relativity. His work was also well-known for its influence on the philosophy of Science. He won the Nobel prize in 1921. I did not write this article just to focus on his name and his early life.

I choose Einstein as an example to deliver my message.

All scientists did not become an unexpected people just when they knocked the doors of life. There is no miracle that helped them to achieve this big success in different majors and fields.

It is the determination and hard work. They just believed in their selves and abilities, they did not wait for someone to motivate them or say to them that you are successful.

They did not listen for others, but they listened to the sound of their heart and took an action. Stop frustrating yourself.

Do not be the second Einstein. Be the best you can be! 

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