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A boy used to take tuitions at a far place, difficult for him in beginning to manage the time and plan things, not getting enough time to rest or to give time to himself.

But it was important, since he was not good in studies, but slowly got used to it .

One time he reached the place earlier then ever and saw the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. It turned out that the girl also goes to the same tuition and her timing was before the boys.

Now seeing the girl before going to the tuition became a normal thing for the boy and luckily with time the girl also started noticing the boy, and got interested to know more about him, so whenever they got a chance they started to talk to each other, just outside their place of tuition.

They both were in the same standard but from different schools, they continued to have the tuition classes at same place from some years.

By now, both of their friends also knew about them, and were very happy for both, that how much they have fallen in love with each other.

The time came when they both graduated from higher education in the same year, and both got admission in the same university, their love story was going great and they had been in a relationship for quite some time now.

But one day, unexpectedly, the girl had to go back to her homeland due to some family issues.

Getting to know about this, the boy just break's down in to tears, but he decided to stay strong for the girl he loved more than anything. He tells the girl that they will surely meet again and we will always be in contact with each other,which they did.

 It was hard for both of them but both stood strong.They used to contact each other through social media.

Time passed by like this, the boy had sent the last message to her,and was waiting for her reply which usually comes in a day or two but only this time, the reply didn't came for months,during this time the boy's life was like that of a fish in a pond which had only that much amount of water in it that it could stay alive and the water was drying up each day little by little.

Then, after waiting every single moment the reply comes like a rain drop falling in that pond.The reply wasn't from whom he expected it to be from but, instead, it was from her younger sister:

"My sister had told me all about you, and always praised you, that how much you love her, and also all the things you have planned of doing together in life. But it breaks my heart to tell you that five months ago my sister had an accident. And, it breaks my heart to tell you that she is no more in this world, the accident took her life."

Reading this, the boy stood emotionless, like he had no life in his body. The world just seemed to stop for the boy, he breaths but doesn't feel, he listens but doesn't talk, for the world he existed but for him the world didn't.

The best and unbelievable part of the story is that during their entire relationship and even before that, the boy hasn't seen the face of the girl, he had just seen her eyes which sparkled like a moving star and made him fall in love with her, the girl had always covered her face, and the boy never asked for the girl to show it, even when they used to meet, he always respected her privacy, his love was so pure and true, but sadly didn't reach its final stage ... marriage.

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