The Secret Saboteur

As humans, we are all curious to know about that secret enemy who resides in us and works against us. It is none other than our mindset. "The mind is everything. What you think you become"- Buddha. Our mind is our best buddy who should work along with us. But rarely, it creates some thoughts with which self-destruction may happen. Self-sabotage is the act of consciously or unconsciously restricting us from our desires and thoughts. Self-sabotage is a universal trait that includes overthinking, procrastination, suppressing emotions, comparing yourself, rejecting compliments, pushing people away, holding onto past mistakes, etc.

One of the reasons for self-sabotaging behaviour is that we ignore the inner voice trying to communicate with us. We should stay calm to hear our inner voice, and to hear the inner voice; it is always advised to conduct our daily prayers and meditation. Once we settle down the chaos and voice traffic in the outside world, we can go into a zen state and find solutions to our problems. We can hear the inner voice even in our most challenging times. Whenever we face a challenge, rather than jumping to conclusions, try to analyze the situation and ask ourselves a question, "What would a better version of myself do in the same situation?" and there the answer. Instead of asking destructive questions like " why he/she can do, and I can't." why he/she receives a compliment, and I don't, " we can ask constructive questions like " How can I improve myself ?" "What baby steps can I take to achieve my passion?". Suppose our intention is towards a healthy lifestyle. In that case, our question should be, "What healthy food can be included in my diet and what all junk should be cutdown.". Indeed, many things are not equal, but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Still, the success mantra lies in how effectively we use the time given to us.

Some people may try to impose their opinions and distract us from our decisions. But no worries, as we have a potent weapon within us- our inner voice. While making decisions, you need to consider two crucial points- One is clarity, and another is commitment. For achieving clarity, ask yourself questions like, "Why I want to achieve this?" "How will this affect my life?". Even though the decision is taken with the brain, a commitment is made with the heart. Staying committed to decisions is an act of integrity. Making a decision and acting on it is always better than not acting at all. The lazy mindset sometimes brings excuses like " oh, not today," "I am tired.". In such sluggish times comes the role of near and dear ones who can hold our back and inspire us to attain our goal.

Now in achieving the goal, we may have to struggle at times; after all, Success is not a cakewalk. Remember that the struggle we are in today is developing the strength we need for tomorrow. The outcome of individual decisions can be either a success or a failure. Instead of getting depressed, find out other alternatives to reach the goal and keep in mind not to repeat the same mistake that we made in the process before.

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