Short Story: By Tajammul Kothari - Adult Entry

The Dove and The Beast

The mother dove was full of joy at the birth of her child. As days passed by she cuddled him with affection and fed him with the best that she could provide.

One day, a vulture pounced on the baby dove and snatched him away. The mother dove tried her best to keep pace but the all too powerful flight of the vulture was too much for her.

As the baby dove was struggling in the mighty talons, a stone was hurled at the vulture and the baby dove fell on the ground near a cave. A hand appeared from the cave and dragged the baby dove in.

The mother dove began circling the cave hoping that her son would come out but to no avail. Her reluctance to venture in was due to an old legend that she knew.

There was a beast who used to run havoc in the jungle causing troubles to all. So, the animals put a curse which made him blind if he stepped out during the day. This curse confined the beast to the cave when the sun shined and the night became his only friend.

Days passed into weeks and the mother dove would patiently sit near the cave hoping for a miracle. Finally, her clan convinced her to move on with the beautiful memories of her child. Then one morning a dove came flying to their abode. The mother dove recognised her beloved son instantly. Joyous tears started flowing from her eyes.

He told her that when he fell on the ground, he was badly wounded. During these days of pain, the beast cared and nurtured him, gave him the nourishment that would make him strong. Slowly, he felt better and even his wings developed. The beast then bid him farewell as he had become well and was ready to fly.

The next morning the doves entered the cave to give their thanks. They urged the beast to step outside. As the sun shone on his face he could see all with his wide open eyes. Years of anguish had disappeared and his happiness was unbounded. One good deed of his broke the lifelong curse.

By Tajammul Kothari

Age: 42

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