F3 Asia 2021: Giti Tire Returns with UAE-based Action-Packed Racing Schedule

Nothing can stop Giti Tire and the F3 Asian Championship Certified by FIA series from bringing forward its action-packed racing in 2021. And this year, the excitement will be viewable by fans around the world live by web-stream.

Due to travel restrictions and other precautions, the F3 Asia series will take place fully in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – with stops at both the famous Dubai Autodrome and Abu Dhabi Yas Marina circuits. Giti Tire as the exclusive tire provider and brand for the fifth consecutive year, is dedicated to supporting the growth of the future racing leaders in the series. The races will take place between January 29 and February 20, 2021, with five full rounds to determine the champion of this year’s series.

With a focus on performance, safety, and efficiency, the Formula 3 Asian Championship series provides great opportunities for these top performers to join Formula 2 and even Formula 1 competition in the future. In fact, Pietro Fittipaldi and Nikita Mazepin are just two recent drivers in the Giti-sponsored F3 Asia series who have used the development to participate in the highest level of F1 action. Who will be the drivers from this year’s Formula 3 action to emerge on the global stage? 

All drivers in the F3 Asia series will use GitiCompete GTR1, which are specially engineered with Giti Tire’s global R&D team and AdvanZtech proprietary technology to meet the requirements of the most demanding motorsports racers. These tires have received very positive feedback through action in recent F3 racing on top-level race tracks in Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, UAE, and more. A full Giti motorsports team is also at each racing event to support all of the teams and make sure the tires are able to achieve the best success. As the racetrack is the ultimate proving ground for tires, Giti Tire also utilizes to test tires in the roughest racing environments, and continue to grow its technological skills.

This year’s series will be sure to implement Covid-19 safety features to ensure the protection of the drivers and teams. The series will also be live-streamed to allow fans around the world to experience the action in the comfort of their own homes in real-time, with the official race link to be provided later.

Be sure to discover more about F3 Asia and other #GitiRacing action at www.giti.com/motorsports and on Giti social media, as well as the official F3 website www.f3asia.com! In addition, Giti’s 2021 racing schedule continues to add in new events and can be viewed on https://www.giti.com/RaceSchedule/.

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