‘Children’s Tales From Around The World’

To honour the International Day of Education on 24 January, Expo 2020 Dubai has launched the second edition of Children’s Tales From Around The World, a collection of traditional children’s stories and folktales that celebrate the wonders of our planet and the human spirit. 

Nineteen timeless tales have been added to the original 24 stories that make up the digital anthology. These beautifully illustrated stories, passed down through generations, were contributed by many of Expo 2020’s participating countries, and include drawings by schoolchildren from all over the world.

Danielle Green, Senior Manager, Products, Director General Office, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “We are thrilled to be expanding this unique collection of evocative tales which, by capturing a myriad of storytelling cultures, helps children from around the world discover what makes us different while, crucially, celebrating the values that we share in a fun and accessible way.”

Inspired by Expo’s commitment to its theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the first edition of Children’s Tales From Around The World was launched on 8 September 2020 to coincide with International Literacy Day.

Expo 2020 Dubai – the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region – will open its doors from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022.

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