OPPO Expands Flash Charging Technology to Power New Smartphones

Global technology and smartphone brand, OPPO, has announced that it will accelerate the implementation of its SuperVOOC 2.0 charging technology in 2021, expanding the brand’s product line-up in Bahrain that use OPPO’s flash charging technology. Debuted in Bahrain on the OPPO Reno4 Series, the compact and safe 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 will continue to power the Reno Series of smartphones through the upcoming new Reno5 Series. Developed to keep up with the evolving usage of smartphones and consumer requirements, OPPO’s flash charging technology can fully charge a 4000mAh battery in 36 minutes, and takes just five minutes to charge the phone, giving the users the chance to enjoy four hours of video viewing on YouTube.

With the increasing widespread adoption of 5G in the region, the demand to safely load and store the power required to support 5G-related applications are on the rise. As consumers are also constantly on the move during the day, they need smartphones to be slim and light to carry around as an everyday accessory in today’s hyper-connected world. True to its belief that the purpose of corporate innovation is people, OPPO had dedicated several years of R&D to the evolution and maturity of VOOC flash charging technology. Today, the 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 technology is known to be the safest and one of the fastest charging technologies commercially available for smartphones in the world, and OPPO has made four technological breakthroughs into building this technology:

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