Ooredoo Goodwill Journey Continues to Enrich People’s Lives across Oman

hile navigating the challenges COVID-19, the Ooredoo Goodwill Journey continued to leave its mark on people’s lives across the Sultanate. In line with the company’s values of ‘caring, connecting and challenging,’ the 16th edition of Ooredoo’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility programme planned and implemented 7 digital initiatives focusing on health, education and supporting entrepreneurs manage the impact of the pandemic on their businesses.

Prioritising the health of the nation, Ooredoo joined hands with the Ministry of Health to raise awareness on the importance of social distancing and best practises in accordance with the directives issued by Supreme Committee to Combat COVID-19. The company successfully launched a number of campaigns on social media to reach a wider audience across Oman.

With the sudden and extended closure of schools, Ooredoo also enhanced its popular Digital Tutorial app by adding a diverse list of new curricula suitable for different age groups in the Sultanate the GCC and worldwide. In addition, it also supported a community initiative in Manah by providing digital screens to ensure a seamless learning experience. Not forgetting people with disabilities, Ooredoo also worked with the Ministry of Social Development to establish special sensory rooms for the Al Wafa Centre for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in Nizwa, Al Khabora and Al Amerat. Equipped with the latest devices, these sensory rooms will assist more than 2,500 children with disabilities, aiding them with their cognitive development. The company also supported the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children in Barka, Al Musannah, and Saham.

Raed Mohammed Dawood Director of Branding, Communications and Corporate Affairs at Ooredoo, said, “The Ooredoo Goodwill Journey was launched in 2005 to make a change in people’s lives through sustainable community initiatives, a goal we remain undeterred from today, 16 years later. We are very proud of our team who, while working through a very challenging year, were able to identify, plan and implement innovative digital initiatives that aimed to help people mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their lives and businesses. Looking ahead, our promise remains to continue what we started and work together with the communities for a better tomorrow.”

Coming to the aid of SMEs in Oman, Ooredoo launched ‘Fursa’, an online educational programme that aims to nurture and assist start-ups in the digital sector to potentially add value to the telecommunications industry. Encouraging budding female-driven businesses, Ooredoo also conducted digital workshops for Sultan Qaboos University students as part of its Springboard programme.  It also provided the opportunity for the participants of its incubator in Khasab to showcase their products and establish their own businesses. Today, more than 8,000 trainees have graduated from Ooredoo’s incubators, of which 1,000 of them have succeeded in starting their own businesses and projects.

Launched in 2005, the Ooredoo Goodwill Journey is a cornerstone of the company’s Social Responsibility programme which to today has contributed to tens of thousands of individuals’ growth, development and prosperity.  In recognition of its great impact in enriching people’s lives, Ooredoo received a Gold Stevie Award for Ooredoo Goodwill Journey during the 17th edition of the International Business Awards in the Middle East 2020.

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