Global Pipeline Inspection Company wins first place in Abu Dhabi Chamber SME Awards

PIPECARE Group company, has won the top award in the 1st edition of the Abu Dhabi Chamber SME Awards. The award ceremony was held in Abu Dhabi on the 16th of February 2021 and was broadcast live over the Internet.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber SME Awards have been initiated to help support businesses thrive and achieve sustainable growth, effectively contributing to the realization of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision. By empowering small to mid-size companies in Abu Dhabi, the Awards is a full-fledged program that enables entrepreneurs to appropriately plan and prepare their businesses through adoption of an internationally practiced, model leading to success and excellence.

Embracing excellence and as a company with an exceptional approach, the PIPECARE Group successfully emerged as the leading contender of this important event.

Wolfgang Krieg, PIPECARE Group's President, said: "We are delighted to win this prestigious award as a leading provider of integrity services that ensure high-quality, efficient, accurate, and environmentally-friendly solutions for the oil and gas industry. For over 20 years, the PIPECARE Group has been committed to the UAE's ethos of innovation and growth, and we are positive that this recognition exemplifies our track record."

PIPECARE Group is a Swiss-based pipeline integrity company providing quality services to the oil & gas industry utilizing in-house developed high-technology systems. The company operates in over 75 countries and has extensive experience in providing In-line Inspection Services, assisting pipeline operators in handling their challenges, and adhere to the pipeline industry's most stringent requirements.

PIPECARE's "commitment to excellence" is driven by providing the client with the best possible solutions for Pipeline Inspection and Pipeline Integrity Management Services.

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