Filipinos showcase art in Pop Culture exhibition

A one of its kind international virtual art event called Pop Culture! is being organised by Sining ATBP group in Bahrain.

The virtual art exhibition features art from 30 Filipino artists based in the kingdom.

The event is a unique 3D visual walkthrough experience of each artist's artwork.

The virtual gallery will open tonight (February 25) at 8pm and will be available for online viewing on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Sining Atbp until March 25, 2021.

According to the organiser, the art event aims to promote Filipino and Bahrain arts and culture.

This is one of the many collaboration projects of the Sining ATBP (Art & Beyond) – a group composed of Filipino art enthusiasts seeking to develop an artistic milieu of camaraderie that promotes the art and culture of Bahrain and the Philippines in varied categories from visual arts, performing arts, music, literature and other art forms.

The group supports artists by providing a dedicated outlet for their work, conducts regular workshops on the spot activities, plein air, photo walk, exhibits and gatherings.

The exhibition was made possible through the support of Philippine Ambassador Alfonso Ver.

More information about the event is available at

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