UAE based STREIT Group continues to make headlines during their first Naval Defense and Maritime Security Exhibition (NAVDEX) participation with 4 brand new boats.

“We are proud to show the quality and expertise of STREIT Marine with these 4 vessels introduced during NAVDEX”. STREIT Group’s Chairman, Guerman Goutorov explained when asked about the variety of vessels on display.

The new boats include the PB – 850, designed for both shallow fresh water and inshore sea patrols; HC – 9, a multi-purpose vessel designed to travel across multiple terrains; AB – 950, which allows the user access to shallow draft areas that are normally inaccessible to standard watercraft; and LC–1040, a tactical patrol and intervention craft.

The multi-purpose, rapid intervention patrol boat, PB – 850, with a top speed of up to 40 knots, can be semi armored with bolt on shields to protect the crew and is equipped with a bow gun stand and shield. The bow landing step allows the crew to depart to shore and carry out missions and assist in crew recovery. The robust HDPE Hull construction, while not bullet proof, allows the vessel to take impacts with limited damage.

The airboat AB950 is perfectly suited to shallow draft or fast water areas, allowing the user to patrol in shallow waters where most vehicles or vessels cannot go. Powered by a Chevrolet V8 LSA supercharged motor, the vessel is equipped with a full BR6 cabin, bow gun stand and turret, making this vessel a formidable patrol vessel for rivers and lakes.

The other 2 vessels introduced at NAVDEX were the HC-9 - a multi-purpose vessel designed to travel across multiple terrains, allowing crew to respond to situations that would normally require multiple faceted support teams; and the LC1040 - constructed of high-density polyethylene plastic with an aluminum cabin, with the console armored to BR6 through add-on ballistic plating.

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