Blending the aesthetics of ancient Egypt with the art

This March, the two works are distinguished by the fact that they have not appeared in auction before. The two works were purchased directly from the artist by collectors and brilliant Renaissance man Hafez Afifi Pasha, an influential politician and the first Egyptian delegate to the United Nations, as they have been in the same family for decades, and have yet to be made public.

Afifi Pasha was an established part in the cultural field in Egypt, and he was one of the great patrons of Mahmoud Mukhtar, where he funded the most famous of his sculptures, which became famous under the name of the statue of "The Renaissance of Egypt", which is a representation of the past and present of Egypt. In addition, Afifi founded the Foundation Friends of Mahmoud Mukhtar after the death of the artist.

It is considered the first work that

The first work, titled “Ibn al-Balad” (estimated price 90,000 to 110,000 pounds sterling), was Mukhtar's graduation project, dating back to 1910. This work was among the first sculptures he completed, and represented the pivotal moment in which he developed to his fame in Sculpture today. The second work, entitled "Bride of the Nile" (estimated price 120,000-180,000 pounds sterling), represents the head of a beautiful Pharaonic woman, blending the aesthetics of ancient Egypt with the art of decoration, and is a majestic full-length statue in the Musée du Jeu de Paume collection in Paris. .
Online Middle East / 20th Century Art Auction opens March 23-30. 

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