Qasr Al Watan opens its doors to local artists for first-of-their-kind live painting sessions

Qasr Al Watan, one of the only working palaces of its kind in the world, welcomed a host of UAE-based artists and art students from La PAROLE Art Gallery and New York University Abu Dhabi. The unique painting sessions, which took place on March 25 and 26 respectively, saw the participation of 16 up-and-coming artists.

In a bid to preserve and promote culture, artistry and local talent, artists were - for the first time ever – invited to the Palace of the Nation with their canvas, paint, and tools. The up-and-coming artists created their very own Qasr Al Watan masterpieces that will later be on display at the Palace of the Nation. The artists found their spot inside the Palace’s walls and channeled the inspiration from the traditional Arabian art and Islamic geometrical patterns before going on to reflect their personal artistic interpretations of the Palace of the Nation on canvas.

Claude Habib, renowned international artist and founder of La PAROLE Art Gallery, participated in the sessions alongside a group of her art students who relished the opportunity to create artwork in a uniquely inspirational setting.

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