Superfood : dates

Summer is knocking on our doors, so is the season of dates. There is no clear evidence on when dates were cultivated first, it is assumed that around 7,000 to 8,000 years back dates were first cultivated in present day Iraq. Though fossil studies show that date palm has existed for more than 50 million years . Middle East and North Africa have been cultivating dates for thousands of years.

Fruits of paradise : Dates 

Latin name: dactylus 

Greek name : daktylos , finger , toe - as oval fruit resembles fingers 

Botanical name : Phoenix dactylifera

Dates are tropical fruits, grown on a date palm tree. It grows in extreme climatic condition of dessert. There are many varieties of dates like khidri, ajwa, sokari to name few. Date cultivation is very important part of Middle East culture and means of livelihood for many.

Following are some benefits of eating dates :

1 Rich in antioxidants, reduces Inflammation 

2 Fiber content improves digestion 

3 Low on calories, help weight watchers 

4 Full of minerals, good to keep body healthy 

5 High iron content, maintains good hemoglobin level 

6 Calcium content is good for bones

Nutritional facts : 

A 100-grams serving of dates provides these nutrients:


Carbs:70-75 grams

Fiber:7-8 grams

Protein:1.7- 2 grams

Manganese:13-15 % of the RDI

Potassium:19-21% of the RDI

Magnesium: 13-14% of the RDI

Iron:4-5% of the RDI

Copper:17-18% of the RDI

Vitamin B6:11-12% of the RDI

Vitamin A : 1-1.2%


Rich in flavonoids, phenolic acid and carotenoids ( antioxidants)

Note: Diabetics should consult a doctor and avoid if allergic to fruit.

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