5 Fashion Must-Haves for Kids This Summer

Style doesn’t have an age limit. No matter how young they are, children can still look fashionable and trendy. That said, it can be tricky to find stylish, weather-appropriate clothes for your kids without breaking the bank.

The turn of the season means warmer weather and more outdoor play, so dressing your kids for summer is all about combining the fun with the practical. MAX experts offer tips for young style icons-in-the-making for when they want to dress in a cute and casual way, while also remaining playful and fun.

1. Patterns, especially floral, are a spring style stand-by. A simple pattern can be used as a neutral and matched with a variety of colors. Using a subtle pattern in both dresses and tees adds interest to your kids’ wardrobe while meaning it can last and match with their other clothes.

2. Adding bright colors in unexpected places is all the rage for kids for summer. We see vibrant prints in sunny yellows, pretty pinks, aqua blues and many other shades to create an energetic look – while roll up pants and cuffed shorts for boys along with prints and floral touches for the girls add a more relaxed and comfortable feel.

3. For babies and toddlers, fruity ice cream tones are fashion’s favorite treat of the summer – the pastels come in a variety of sugary shades from lilac to lemon sorbet. Be ready to dress your kids in strawberry pink, peach and baby blue tones. The colors can be mixed and matched with other pastels, as well as neutral pieces.

4. With the arrival of summer, protecting your little ones from the sun is an absolute must – and what better way than with a cool pair of shades? Sunglasses and breathable hats are a warm-weather essential, and the right pair will get your kids through the summer in style.

5. All kids want to do is run, jump, climb and play. Sneakers are the ideal shoe for lively little ones – sturdy and practical, yet lightweight and fun. With so many different designs out there, it’s easy to find a pair that lets your child express themselves.

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