6 Ways to Rock Street Style Like a Grown-Up

Street style is a great way to experiment with self-expression, which is key to bringing out your unique qualities and give other people an idea of who you really are.

Based on individualism, street style is not only comfortable and expressive, it helps you explore your own identity. Whether you’re looking to adjust your style, or just refine your jeans-and-a-sweatshirt wardrobe, MAX experts suggest six ways to do it without looking like a try-hard:

1. Most young women don’t just have one style they are drawn to, they pick and choose from other styles which makes everyone’s style unique. Pair a black shorts with a bright floral printed T-shirt to add a pop of vibrancy to your OOTD.

2. For those women who have their finger on the pulse when it comes to trends, a T-shirt dress in a bold print will help you evoke the eclectic 80s style while bringing your look bang up-to-date.

3. Women who gravitate towards light colours can mix elements of urban style with classic pieces for a look which is uniquely, stylishly theirs. Team a solid lavender top with matching shorts and sneakers to add a touch of urban style to your outfit.

4. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is important to some women and they won’t wear anything that digs, pinches or otherwise constricts them. Opt for solid shorts paired with a slogan top for a laid-back look that combines comfort and style.

5. While some men may not necessarily love a lot of color, they do like a good logo, slogan, moto or print. Pair your funky T-shirt with shorts for a versatile summer outfit.

6. All men must invest in some t-shirts with and keep the designs simple. Plain colors are staples for a reason, but don’t get boring. Pair them with joggers and you are read to head out and face the music.

MAX’s new Hype Club collection engages with its Generation Z audience which crave authenticity, creativity, and Insta-worthy ways to show off their personal style.

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