Julie Anne San Jose's 'Limitless' earns rave reviews and trends online

Julie Anne San Jose proved that she was indeed “limitless” as the first leg of her online musical journey, “Limitless, A Musical Trilogy” captivated viewers all around the globe and became one of the trending topics on social media.

The hashtag “#LimitlessMusicalTrilogy” and “LimitlessBreathe JulieSj” trended on Twitter Philippines even hours before the online show’s 8 p.m. debut last September 17 and were still among the trending topics on Twitter the following day.

Dubbed ‘Breathe,’ the first part took viewers to the beautiful, albeit less traveled, nooks of Mindanao, with Julie performing a variety of songs and immersing herself in the culture of the locals. The show was an exhilarating treat for Filipinos who had been longing to take a breather and travel again. The scenes also brought tears to concert-goers’ eyes as Julie and the locals shared special moments together.

These, on top of Julie’s undeniable musical prowess, made Limitless a one-of-a-kind experience. The "Asia’s Limitless Star" performed a variety of songs recorded live on location–putting a personal touch to popular hits and singing her songs, some of which she wrote herself. Her guests Christian Bautista, Jong Madaliday, and Myke Salomon further brought flavour to her musical act.

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