The Production Designer of Luxor the sphinx Avenue

After impressing the whole world by creating the décor of the Pharaohs' Golden Parade, the production designer Mohamed Attia has taken on another difficult mission: the production design of Luxor the Sphinx Avenue, which is due to take place on November 25.

The event will begin at sunset with the movement of three Nile boats, designed in Ancient Egyptian style to represent the Ancient Egyptian trio deities Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. The opening ceremony will feature the launch of colorful sailboats that reflect Luxor's visual identity, as well as the preparation of horse carriages, one of the landmarks of the city. Furthermore, the reenactment of Reda folk troupe's popular song, ‘Luxor Baladna,’ along with the recorded footage  of Hatshepsut and Karnak temples, as well as a variety of archaeological sites.

With multiple significant accolades under his belt, Attia's name has been synonymous with groundbreaking films, be it blockbusters or artistically speaking, as well as  TV programs, and plays in Egypt and the Arab world. His most recent work is ‘Coco Chanel,’ a musical play that marks the return of mega-star Sherihan, and ‘Al-Arif: The Return of Younes,’ a film starring Ahmed Ezz that grossed over EGP 60 million. He just signed a deal for a TV series called ‘The Eight Series,’ which has a cast of Arab world superstars.

His filmography includes collaborations with late filmmaker Muhammad Khan on ‘Clifty,’ ‘Downtown Girls,’ and ‘Fi shaket Masr El Gedeeda.’ Furthermore, Marwan Hamed’s, ‘Blue Elephant,’ ( Part 1 and 2), ‘Diamond Dust,’ and ‘Al Aslyeen.’ In addition to Youssry Nasrallah’s ‘After the Battle,’ and ‘Ehky ya Scheherazade.’ Besides, he worked on Tarek Alarian’s ‘The Walls of the Moon,’ ‘The Cell,’ ‘Sons of Rizk,’ Part 1 and 2. In the TV series, Attia created a theatre world inspired by the 1970s in ‘Afrah AlQoba,’ directed by Mohamed Yassin.

Besides his works in the cinema industry, Attia has a significant portfolio of TV shows, in which he  created the iconic TV show, ‘Abla Fahita,’ in all of its seasons, as well as the Netflix series ‘Abla Fahita: Drama Queen.’ Attia designed the décor of the TV shows ‘Sola,’ with Asala, and ‘Sahranin’ presented by Amir Kararra.

In the field of advertising and marketing, Attia collaborated with foreign and local brands, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Etisalat, Orange, and Telecom Egypt (We), among others. Meanwhile, he worked with some of the Arab world's most prominent singers, including Amr Diab, Assala, Angham, and Samira Said.

Mohamed Attia is regarded as one of the most important public event production designers, with a portfolio of successful events that include the World Youth Forum in 2018 and 2019, as well as the last three editions of the Cairo International Festival and the third edition of the El Gouna Film Festival.

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