How high-tech horticulture can make a sustainable contribution to global food security

The Dutch horticultural sector binds forces and organizes a full two-day lasting Horticultural program at the Netherlands Pavilion, during the theme-week ‘Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods’ from 17 – 23 February 2022 at the World Expo in Dubai. The first day on Monday 21 February is organized by the public sector and the second day; on Tuesday 22 February is organized by the private sector. At these two Horticultural Days, we show how high-tech horticulture can make a sustainable contribution to global food security. The inspiring and interactive program takes place in our price-winning Netherlands Pavilion wherein we combine water, food, and energy. The total program of both Horticultural Days will be broadcast live from the Netherlands Pavilion.

An exclusive audience of high-level governmental bodies, investors, and retailers is invited to join us to discuss responsible food systems all over the world, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. The Dutch horticultural cluster presents an exciting line-up of international speakers and workshops on how an ecosystem approach to innovative horticultural solutions can contribute to global challenges. Get inspired by the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, by the President of the WUR; Prof. dr. ir. (Louise) O. Fresco, by Expo Champion Meiny Prins, by futurist Christian Kromme, and many more. The up-to-date program of the Horticultural Days can be found at:

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