Daymak is a real prototype of a wild electric hyper-3cycle for cryptocurrency mining

Daymak of Canada launched a crowdfunding campaign in March to get the ambitious high-performance electric three-wheeler Spiritus off the line. After receiving the reported 25,000 pre-orders, it proceeded to the first complete prototype. Set to run a large car between a $ 20,000 shuttle per day and a six-seater all-round hyper-tricycle, the Spiritus is one of the most exciting electric tricycles on the market.

Daymak was once a relatively predictable supplier of light electric cars, such as ebikes, bulky ultra-thick scooters and ATVs, since the days of everyday electricity and recreational transportation. far from the usual. While he planned his Avvenire line in detail in November, the Daymak became anything but unpredictable, outlining plans for everything from electric transport modules to literally flying booths. At the time, we were hesitant to publish the article at all, but the company continues to take steps to get the Avvenire family there, and is now moving the Spiritus prototype to testing and development.

The 152-inch (385 cm) Spiritus is a two-seater three-wheeled car from the Avvenire family, and the Daymak believes it will be faster from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km / h) than the Tesla Model S Plaid from Rimac Nevera. . The finished prototype looks great in rendering, with its curved front fenders falling and inwards to push out the trapezoidal grille and headlights.

This may be the angle captured in the photo below, but the back now looks more aggressive than in previous photos. The nozzle-shaped taillight covers extend in the middle of the long thin rear section and, like a glossy diffuser and wheel, extend further out of the body than previously shown. The butterfly door looks a lot like the small base model 180 miles (290 km) in the US for $ 19,995, but it fits the next model - the carbon fiber Final Edition for $ 149,000 1,350 lb (612 kg) in 1.8 seconds. 0-60 mph (96.5 km / h) and an estimated distance of 300 miles (480 km).

Because the big gap between the two models isn't surprising enough, Daymak plans to make the Spirit a little weird and will announce in June that it will be the first car in history to have an interface. cryptocurrency software. . Once parked, the small two-seater will use Daymak's Nebula to mine cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and dogecoin, making it a side concert for its owner.

"We see a future in where tolls on the highway, your parking and your ride order will pay directly for the cryptocurrency," Daymaku President Aldo Baiocchi said during the announcement. "Your online payments and your banking can be managed through the same cryptographic payment software platform. And while most cars shrink when they're in your garage, Nebula Miner can make you money when your Spirit is parked. "

The move is like trying to run Muska Elon, but it can be a shocking day to pay $ 150,000 for a tricycle.

Daymak will then integrate its Ondata wireless charging system into the Spiritus prototype and work to redesign the torque distribution system for optimum handling, stability and performance. His plans envisage another start of production in 2023.

We're not betting that the Spiritus, like any other Avvenire, will end up more like imaginary vaporware, but introducing a prototype is the first step to consolidating the steam, and frankly, more than we thought the Avvenire family would go. Now, we want to take a look at some Spiritus prototype videos that demonstrate some of the skills that Daymak says it can, if it doesn't include a lot of cryptocurrency footage.

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