In a small pint-sized house there is a place for family and friends and also a little fun.

Small houses in France are generally very compact even with a low standard of living, so it is impressive how many parts Baluchon controls in its houses. The small Kalzennig House is a good example of its efforts to maximize every inch of available floor space and includes two bedrooms connected by a neat relaxation area and a sofa bed for guests. and also a projector for movie nights.

The house is based on a two-axle trailer and consists of a spruce frame and cedar cladding with aluminum accents and a mixture of cotton, linen and hemp insulation. The power supply comes from a standard RV-style connection and its total length is 6 m (19.6 feet). To give you an idea, the Canadian Magnolia V5 is almost twice the length of 11.5 m (38 p). Due to the lack of space, Baluchon keeps the decoration sensitive by being simple and clear. However, thanks to the sufficiently installed glass, they will see full light.

Guests enter a small house in the living / dining room. It consists of a sofa bed and a space-saving folding dining table. There is also a projection screen that can be used when it's time for a movie night. There is a kitchen nearby. It contains a refrigerator with freezer, sink, oven with four-burner propane stove and cabinet. The bathroom is next door and although small, it has a shower, sink and toilet.

There are two bedrooms at Tiny house Kalzennig, which are both typical loft bedrooms in the style of a small house with low ceilings, after which the owners need to crawl on the bed. The master bedroom is accessed by a staircase combined with storage space and has a double bed and storage space. From here, you can access the adjoining bedroom via the clean floor area, which can also serve as a reading area or a general relaxation area. The next bedroom itself has a few shelves and only one bed, although there is room for a husband.

The small house Kalzennig is located in Loire-Atlantique and serves as a complete house for the owners. We don't know the exact price, but small houses in Baluchon usually start at about 80,000 EUR (about 90,000 USD).

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