What is it? Really?

They always say to look at the brightside. "Concentrate on what you love," they said. "You do you."

But when the time finally comes when you see an amazing opportunity right infront of you, they start judging you. They start criticising what you do. They start to blame you. 

That's family for me.

Being an Arab who's endorsed in west culture is hard. You want to pursue stuff that your family prohibits. 

Imagine missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like acting, photography, editing, or travelling and the only thing stopping you is the word "No". And yes I want to unleash my creativity and make money out of something I love. But the word "No is in my way. 

Family and parents worry, I understand that. But I can't afford to miss this. I thought family is your number one supporter but I was wrong. Family can manipulate, they can control and try to steer your life to thier bidding. But what about me? What about what I want to accomplish in life? Where are my choices? If I can't control my own life then why bother living anyway? 

I'm tired of changing my niche everytime just because family doesn't approve. It's exhausting and feels like driving a car blind.

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What do we really live for huh?

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