FOCUS by A.H. Alawi


We live in a world
a time, a place
where it's a race
to disgrace
a race to replace
thier grace with weights
Think about it
who allowed it?
cuz without it
we'd be better off
take the sweater off
let the pressure off
people are drinking it off
smoking it off
sleeping it off
drifting off
in thier imagination
ignoring the situation
disregarding consideration
not knowing an explanation
I say rise up
it's time to drive up and lign up
you might be burnt up and sliced up
But right now you need to toughen up
You don't need motivation
you need perserverance
Don't be the subject
you be the first occurence
I'm not a preacher to preach
I'm not a teacher to teach
But I beleive in believers
I dream of dreamers
It's time to run up that ladder to the stars
and shower the ones below with dust
It's time to clean yourself up and remove the rust
You must
trust your guts
readjust disgust
Ain't nobody gonaa hand you the key
cuz in life there is no referee
People talking about Pushin Ps
Ignoring Ls and getting Ws and Vs
Agree to Disagree
Nobody forsees the future
Nobody guranteed your success
Unless, you posses the will to progress
Nonetheless, Impress.
The Pain, you have to Surpress
To God, Confess your stress
Repossess your stallion of creativity
rewire the negativity
reignite your fire
reacquire your desire
to spread your fiery wings and soar higher
Focus Focus Focus
Make everybody notice
Make everybody who said you were hocus pocus
fear the atrocious, ferocious monster
'cause only then you'll prosper
only then will they turn to you as a doctor
because you'd have crossed the Sahara
Only then will they turn to you for sweet water
Only then will you find clappers and applausers
everybody'll read your book, the author

Once you're up there
High up there, somewhere
on that throne or chair
You'll look down and smile
you'll remember the tough trial
You'll remember how long a while
How long the mile wild indefiled youth took you
and how it shook you.
You'll laugh a good time.
And in good time, you'll crumble
You'll tumble and stumble down to the rubble
People will mumble
Life will change, another king rise wil rise and reign


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