Old Spice revamps men’s deodorants and shower gel to offer long-lasting freshness, now available in the UAE

The powerful duo of products delivers unparalleled performance for men who work hard and play hard, and demand more from their grooming products

Old Spice, world’s leading male deodorant brand, has introduced a powerful combo consisting of its Original deodorant spray and shower gel, available here in the UAE. The latest range features the brand’s signature scent, offering up to 24-hour odor protection in the hot summer – so you can go out to seize the day!

As part of Old Spice’s commitment to continuously innovate and offer premium products that support self-care, men can now bring the elevated Old Spice scent experience and trusted performance into their daily routine in two ways:

  • Original Deodorant Spray – with 0% Aluminum salt and up to 24-hour sweat and odor protection
  • Original Shower Gel – with 2 in 1 formula, offering long-lasting freshness after each shower

Leveraging the brand’s 80+ year trusted performance and scent technologies, men can stay confident and feel refreshed with a powerful combination of perfectly fragranced masculine scents, leaving them feeling assured and odor-free throughout the day.

The Old Spice Deodorant Spray with its advanced scent technology, helps to mask odor, is smooth and dries fast for all day sweat protection. Moreover, it is invisible on application, so there is less risk of unsightly white marks and yellow stains on dark/white clothing. The Old Spice Shower Gel offers a 2 in 1 formula, for hair and body – to suit the UAE men’s busy schedule. Simply lather up, to drop dirt and odor and kickstart the day.

The new Old Spice product range is available in stores nationwide across United Arab Emirates. For more information, visit www.oldspice.com and Instagram (oldspiceme).

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