Fall Of The Cykong ( By Shafay Khattak, 11 years old, U18/June Entry)

A long time ago, there was a kind and generous king who would send 40 knights to kill the Cykong in the city of Atkvil. The Cykong is a filthy, horrifying, disgusting and nasty beast. It invades villages around the world and has eaten many people. The king's son, Rynos, is a strong and helpful man. He has a mystic power to turn into anything he imagines. The great prince has yet to kill this horrid beast because the beast keeps coming to the village and terrorizing the town. This beast seems to be undefeatable.
The village has large walls around it. The castle is surrounded by the village and also by the beautiful magnificent walls. These huge walls keep the kingdom safe from beasts like the filthy Cykong. The castle has a beautiful interior and a dazzling garden full of charming roses. 
This time, the chosen 40men were the most courageous and well-trained knights such as Arnold, Arthur, Rick, Eric, Stan and so on... All of them were knights except for Rynos who insisted on joining the Cykong Abolition Mission. The king strongly advised that Rynos must not participate in this dangerous mission. However, Rynos still left because he wanted to put a great stop to this madness.  And the other knights didn’t dare say no to him….
“Enough worrying about me, dad," said Rynos, “I'm ready to fight & willing to sacrifice anything for my kingdom!” 
 After that moment of parental defiance, Rynos set off with the Army of knights.

1 Week Later...

“Onward brave knights!” shouted Rynos. 

“Farewell son,” cried the king, as he waved sadly.

The soldiers marched long distances until they reached a mysterious cave. This cave is huge and dark. After entering this devil's den, it is claimed that no man has ever seen the light of day again.
"Charge!!!" cried Rynos as he bravely entered the cave to attack the Cykong.


"OUCH!" said a soldier.
The room became so quiet after that attack that even a bear could hibernate. ALL OF A SUDDEN, a handful of men were captured.

"Retreat, Retreat!" cried Rynos as he ran like a cheetah into the daylight.
Rynos ran for days until he arrived at the kingdom calling for reinforcements!
Over 100 more soldiers followed him into battle. 

"For the kingdom!" A soldier yelled.

“I’m supposed to say that!” said Rynos.
One by one the soldiers were going down. Finally, Rynos thought of another idea. He turned himself into a lion (Refer to the first paragraph if you’ve forgotten he can do this) and gathered up all his strength. He bit the Cykong’s hand off. Blood gushed out of it like a river. The Cykong smushed Rynos like swatting a fly on a table. Cykong's huge hands have the power to end a whole army.
"UUGHH!!!!" cried Rynos.
Rynos, now in a gorilla's form, held off the attack. 
"I..i...iii..impossible…." stuttered Cykong.

Then the bloodthirsty Rynos said, "Never will I..I...I give UP!" You wouldn’t have understood this because it was in a gorilla’s voice and they don’t have the right vocal cords….
Rynos threw the Cykong across the village. The soldiers tried to help but Rynos was swinging along in his gorilla form. Rynos leapt across the village!

Rynos was slapped to the ground. The miserable-looking Cykong sat there covered in thick blood. Cykong got up and jumped away.

"N..oo...tt soo FAST!" Shouted Rynos.
Rynos grabbed Cykong and pulled him back down.
"If I'm gonna die *cough* *cough* you're gonna come with me," said Rynos.

Rynos pulled Cykong under the surface of the village sacrificing his own two arms in the process. Cykong punched through the dirt trying to escape but kept failing.
"Go..o to the, the, Xethen Empire and get the bla *coughs* ddd.e of stt..one," stuttered Rynos.
"Yes Sir!" saluted the commander as he sent three men to go get the blade from the Xethen Empire – which is not as far as it sounds.
The blade has the power to turn anything into stone. The blade is so powerful it can turn a whole elephant into stone. These blades were used by troll hunters many years ago and now only one of those exists.

The Cykong tried to get up but he couldn't because Rynos was holding him down. All of a sudden an army of the neighbouring kingdom came and shot more than 1,000 arrows of the blade's poison, hitting the Cykong and turning him instantly to stone.
"I WILL RE..TT.UU.RR…NNN," said the Cykong as he turned to stone with a horrible grimace on his face. 
Since that incident, the kingdom has always been careful about its defence. The prince is now doing well and not in the least like a gorilla anymore, and is about to become the next king!
A Few Years Later….
"And now the new king, Rynos", announced the solemn priest as he lowered the crown onto his head.
Rynos cleared his throat. "Thank you all for coming. It is all because of my dad who has sadly died, so in his memory, here is a statue of the Cykong," he coughed, “Well, it’s not a statue. It’s more Cykong in stone form. But nothing to worry about!” exclaimed the proud new king Rynos.
"What was that?" thought Rynos
"I'm back," said a voice in a low murmur….
And then all of a sudden...
The End!
Or is it...

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