American-Moroccan Marwa Lahlou Crowned Miss Arab USA 2022

In an elegant ceremony broadcasted worldwide, Marwa Lahlou was crowned the 2022 Miss Arab USA at the Chandler Center for the Arts in Arizona.

Marwa is a highly intelligent woman. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and received an MBA in International Business Management and Marketing with high honors at the University of New Haven. She also speaks 4 major languages fluently (English, Arabic, French, and Spanish).

In 2007, Marwa moved with her family to Huntsville, AL. Being the only Arab in High School, Marwa experienced severe bullying from her peers which caused her family to move to Alexandria, Virginia. There, Marwa met many Arabs, which made her discover the sense of group solidarity and hospitality inherent to the Arab culture. Since then, she set herself as an ambassador for her heritage and worked hard throughout her life to represent the beauty and generosity of her Arab roots. She also became a spokesperson for those bullied and helped fight hate in several events across CT schools by spreading awareness about the inclusivity of her culture.

Marwa believes in “Sharity” rather than “Charity” as she has always shared the skills that she learns with others. She helped many internationals integrate and become successful in the American culture. Marwa also landed impressive career opportunities, such as a Project Manager for multi-million US government-sponsored research, an internship supervisor for United Airlines, and even a Project Manager at Viacom CBS. She currently works as a Project Manager with NFP.

American-Palestinian Joanna Rashid was named 1st runner-up, American-Lebanese Maria Bassil was named 2nd runner-up, and Jennifer Kassir was the 3rd runner-up. For the first time in this pageant’s history, Deanna Maayaa from California won the title of Miss Arab Talent and the People’s Choice Vote.

The Arab American Organization, the organizer of the Miss Arab Pageant, takes Pageantry to the next level for young Arab women by teaching the Queen to be a great Ambassador for humanity and goodwill. The pageant redefines the image of the Arab woman as a leader and a vital partner in the development of the world.

“This is a non-political platform for young ladies to achieve personal growth and development, take pride in their heritage, discover their inner beauty, and lay a strong foundation as leaders of the future,” said Mr. Ashraf Elgamal, founder.

Crowning Video:

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