Short Story Midhun Milton's "The Grandmother" - U18 entry

Spencer is a 6-year-old kid who struggles with his life which is mostly his school life. He is an introvert. He always gets bullied, gets low marks for his exams, and gets scolding from his parents. However, his grandmother who understand his problems comforts him by making him a cup of tea and telling him old times stories of how she used to see cinemas without paying the ticket seller and many stories. As time passes, spencer grows up while his grandmother grows old. Spencer is now 11 years old and deals with his own problems in life. Spencer’s grandmother is now 75 years old and has been a kind of malice for him. Everyday whenever he goes to the kitchen there are so many things here and there, some plates, kettles, bowls that are not washed properly. His parents tell his grandmother not to do such things, but she never listens to them or admit her own mistakes just because of her pride. 

The main qualities Spencer has seen in his grandmother was that she was arrogant, adamant, and disdainfully pride. All these qualities of his grandmother had brought him in a crazed state on Jan 20th, 2020, which is likely to be one of the most unexpected behaviors she had experienced from Spencer. Spencer who had been tired of her reckless blunders that she had been doing for the past 5 years had suddenly lost temper and silenced grandmother. Spencer was surprised when he had silenced his grandmother with his short-tempered mind. He then always talked towards her in a bad manner everyday thinking that all her reckless behavior will end with his loud low-pitched voice but instead it grew a lot of worst. She became lazier than she used to be back in the day. She only sleeps, eats, watches T.V and repeats it again every day. It irritates him whenever he sees her sitting about doing nothing when he is doing some chores. 

5 years passed away: -

Now, Spencer is a 16-year-old senior who has finished his high school. He has many hobbies like reading novels, watching high IMdB rated movies and writing poems, short stories, and essays. He studies and gets good marks for his exams. He has learnt from his mistakes. He is now an efficient, hardworking, and moral boy. However, there was an incident in which Spencer’s parents would have misunderstood him if it wasn’t for his grandmother.

This was the incident: -

One day, his parents had told him that they are going to Mumbai for 3 or 4 days to meet one of their relatives because their relative was sick, so Spencer had to look after his grandmother. As they were leaving, his parents had told him something to do before they were leaving. Spencer was hearing nonchalantly about what they were talking. He smiled cunningly after they left because he had decided to throw a party by calling a couple of friends, buying snacks, drinks, and all sorts of stuffs and clean all the mess that had been created by his friends at his party the next day as if nothing had happened. He had lot of fun at the party and after it had ended at about 10 O’ clock in the night as he was cleaning, he heard a knock at the front door, when he opened, to his surprise, it was his parents and caught him red handed because of the mess of his party. Spencer thinking that he would be grounded for the rest of his life felt depressed because his parents had never thought he would do such a thing. But out of the blue, his grandmother had lied to his parents saying that he had thrown this surprise party for her because it was her birthday. He was also surprised how his parents had come back after meeting their relative. His parents then told him that it was all a lie just to give a surprise on their mother’s birthday with a birthday cake if it wasn’t for him.

For a moment he felt so guilty for his grandmother to tell a lie just for him. He also thought of the ways he talked towards his grandmother in a disrespectful manner, but his grandmother never felt bad about him in anyway. She always enjoyed the ways he used to behave against her even if he was angry, mad, or sad and thinking that he is just a baby bird, who just started trying to fly. He doesn’t know how many times he may have to apologize because of the times he disrespected his grandmother but out of all the things what his grandmother wants was just a hug and a kiss. He hugged, kissed, and thanked her for making him realize his mistakes he had done towards her. He from that day on always loved and cared her for it would be the most she wanted from him. He shared all his wonderful experiences he had in his life. Even though his grandmother’s way of talking and behaving did not change, his love for her would never change. He always thought how it feels to be an older person and feels for her. He also realized that he wouldn’t escape, if, it wasn’t for his grandmother.

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I am a student of The Asian School of Bahrain studying in 11th. I love to write poems, stories, essays and many more. I also do love to paint and d ....Read more


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