Dora the Dolphin (Adult category -December 2022)

To the human eyes everything seemed blue but as we live under the water we know our world is colorless the colors that we see are from the coral reefs, sea weeds from our brothers and sisters living with us under the sea.My mama is very protective I cannot escape her eyes she follows me everywhere and when she gets me food it’s the most interesting part of my day.She cuddles me with her longs nose, we dolphins are famous or infamous for our nose.The phrase ‘nose dive’I believe came into being because of our noses.
I sometimes sneak out to surf and explore the part of the world I live in. But mama always finds out and reprimands me. But one day I did manage to escape my mother’s vigilance!
Can you imagine the dangers lurking under the water in our world ?
You might be thinking it must be a shark or an octopus or another bigger fish. But none of those dangerous underwater creatures were as dangerous as the people who live and walk on the Earth,when my mom found me she found me as a lifeless being floating on the water on my back!! My mother’s woes began that day. Her wails and cries,her desperation was hard to bear.My restless soul is dying to tell her that I am sorry I disobeyed her.When I was found, I was tangled in blue!Not the blue water but the blue plastics and trash that the humans threw into the water carelessly.
There ended my ‘Dora’s dolphintory.’

She peeped out of the water surface ,carrying the lifeless me in her arms with sad quizzical eyes as if to ask the humans,’would you know the pain of losing one’s offspring just because other creatures are selfish and careless?’

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Nivedita Roy resides in Bahrain. She  is a teacher by profession, bilin ....Read more


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